Tools You Can Use!


There is a caring friend, family member, or acquaintance that knows of someone or is in need of these services:

  • Dallas Urban League
  • Desoto Community Outreach Counsel (972)-223-2066
  • Dallas Community
  • Emergency Family Assistance Salvation Army
  • Catholic Charity  FamilyAssistanceCenter
  • Grand Prairie United Charities
  • HousingCrisis Center
  • Irving Cares, Inc
  • LancasterOutreachCenter
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center
  • Mesquite Social Services
  • North Dallas Shared Ministries
  • Salvation Army of Collin County
  • WestDallasMulti-PurposeCenter
  • Inner City Chapel
  • Goodness and Grace
  • MountainCreekChurchOf Christ
  • Tarrant County Food Bank (817)-332-9177
  • Rape Crisis Center Collin County (972)-985-0951 (800)-886-7273 (800)-886-7273
  • Rape Crisis Center Tarrant County (817) 927-2737  or (817) 927-4000 helpline
  • (Rape Crisis Center Dallas County (214) 590-0430 or  (214) 590-0430      Hotline: 214-590-0430


Helpful Links

Crisis Hotline

The Family Place

Online Public Assistance Information


Arise International  –

Trauma Support Services of North Texas (TSSNT) –

Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network – RAINN,,

C.E.A.S.E. – Seven Day Advcentist Church

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence

National Sexual Violence Resource Center –,



Texas Association Against Sexual Assault

Sexual Assualt Victims Empowering Ministry –

U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1-800-799-Safe 

National Sexual Assault Hotline 1-800-656-HOPE (1-800-656-4673 

National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline  – toll-free (1-866-331-9474 

Support Links By Men

A Call to Men

News Links

Survivors Netwoork of Those Abused by Priest (SNAP)

SNAP Dallas/Fort Worth  Texas Chapter –

Baptist Clergy Abuse –

Church of God in Christ Abuse  –

Catholic Church –

Link to Presidential Proclamation on Sexual Assault

New Law – Sexual Assault Examinations w/o police involvement



Alternative Source

Sisters In Christ- S.I.C.-Soldiers In Christ, Inc.

We are working on several projects and want to know how you can help or refer us to someone you know who can assist with any of them. Please let us know. They are as followed:

1. S.I.C. curriculum for teaching classes. Workbooks for clients to use or worksheets

2. NEED a local printer who will do our brochures and business card for reasonable cost.

3. NEED SOMEONE good at writing funding support letters we have letterhead. PROFESSIONAL LETTER, FRIEND LETTER AND SPONSORSHIP LETTER.

4. NEED PERSONS to locate organizations or companies you might partner with who we could send a letter of support out for funding. We need some six-figure funders/funding and some person of this caliber on our board; they can generate others of the same caliber. We are looking to develop more board members

5. S.I.C. need storage space for our in kind gifts  safe and lowest cost space (our homes are getting crowed)

6. NEED PERSONS TO give us names of people who you think would have an interest in support S.I.C. Want to create a strong donor base. Once website is up we will need to send it out to all of your friend and business persons we will have our donation button on the site, to start receiving funds. We will send letter to them or you can do it. $$$ FOR POSTAGE

7. VOLUNTEERS…. 1-4 hour a month… if I get several I will not have to do all the work alone or small support team. It might be typing a letter, stuffing envelopes, writing curriculums, sending a card, planning a function, and making a phone call. Sort donated items and organizes our items ANYTIME YOU ARE AVAILABLE…. WORKS FOR ME.


Where do you go that we could give a brochure? Restaurant, cleaners business partner, banker, insurance company, lawyers, medical… grocery stores give gift cards. With a letterhead request we can get gift certificates and other donations. (Based on location store give gift cards. We have clients all over Dallas/ Forth Worth, so it would be ok; our letter needs to state all of our zip codes. We are known in Richardson, Plano, Oak Cliff, Pleasant Grove, East Dallas, South Dallas, Cedar Hill, Desoto, and North Dallas. Mesquite, McKinney, etc.

S.I.C. NEEDS your help in every way possible to make this a success.

Also people who have been help to you in other service areas, giving them a brochure.

We are growing… we need lots of donors. We would like to ask everyone to SEE if your employer would allow us to post one of our brochures at your place of employment, if so please let us know so we can send you a professional copy.


Also, are their any opportunities for any of us to come and share S.I.C. to your company, church social group or any group you are associated with…? We want to tell our story and get groups of people to support us. We feel we must develop our donation program before we reach out to federal government for a grant, many of the monies out here want matching funds so when the grant is over the program is still thriving. Makes great sense … so we need to start with our communities.

Please respond to this e-mail… it seems as if we are journaling and filing our thoughts. If we are repetitive it’s because it is very important to Joshua Blessings.