Products and Services

What We have to Offer!

The products and services of Sisters In Christ and Soldiers In Christ, Inc. are:

Services Provided:

Workshops and Seminars
Conferences and Luncheons
Transitional and Temporary housing
Business and Life skills training
Crisis Outreach and Assistance
Health Awareness
Spiritual Support and Counseling
Education Advocacy
Mentoring and Development
Rap Sessions for All Groups
Building Character

Time Management
Health and Nutrition

Teen pregnancy
Domestic violence
Rape crisis intervention (date rape, sexual assaults, etc)
Single parents
Absentee fathers
Prison re-entry
Training leaders
HIV and AIDS awareness and resources

Sisters In Christ S.I.C. Soldiers In Christ provides a variety of services to our clients including the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events. These include monthly dinner meetings for information sharing, spring and winter conferences and seminars, an annual Awards Banquet.

In addition we provide direct services to clients that include professional services to represent our members with government agencies, communications in the form of a monthly newsletter and regular monthly meetings as well as special bulletins, and group benefits such as coordinating our clients’ dealings with companies, our vendors and distributors for the best results.

Programs Provided:

Transitional and Temporary Housing Programs
Business and Life Skills
Crisis Outreach and Assistance
Health Awareness
Spiritual Support and Counseling
Education Advocacy
Mentoring and Development

Teen pregnancy
Domestic Violence
Rape Crisis Intervention (date rape, sexual assaults, etc)
Single Parents
Absentee Fathers
Prison Re-entry
HIV and AIDS awareness and resources
Suicide Prevention

We strive to equip these clients in every aspect of their lives, from their mental, to their physical and spiritual health and well being. We not only want to meet needs in various situations and circumstances, but we want to teach these clients how to meet their own needs and enable them to give back and eventually become mentors themselves.

Scholarship Program

The S.I.C., Inc. team sponsors a fund-raiser scholarship program for 12th grade-College. S.I.C., Inc Scholarship Program provides an opportunity for students to earn money for college, learn professional skills of leadership, business, ministry, outreach,  work ethics & integrity. S.I.C., Inc Scholarship Program is a year around program. Students will sell quality products for S.I.C., Inc.  Students will also receive 30% of the total profits they earn. S.I.C., Inc. needs a signed parential permission form on file for all high school seniors, before a student can participate in the scholarship program. For more information E-mail us at: SICINC@SICMINISTRIESINC.ORG

Apparel, Caps

Caps, T-Shirts

Automotive Accessories

Key Chains

Business, Desktop, and Office

Bookmarks, Memo Pad, Stress Relievers

Computer Accessories

Mouse Pads

Drink Ware

Mugs, Sports Bottles, Stadium Cups

Writing Instruments

Ballpoint Pens, Pen


Please contact us for additional information regarding the many functions of our programs.



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