All About Us

Sisters In Christ S.I.C. Soldiers In Christ, Inc., is a Christian based non-profit organization and ministry with the purpose of bringing God’s leading women, men, young ladies, and young men, God’s chosen people together to support one another as they embark upon fulfilling their divine destiny. We suffer for many reasons—our own mistakes, someone else’s mistakes, injustice. According to Isaiah 61 verse 8: when we suffer for our own mistakes, we often times get what we deserve, but when we suffer because of others, or because of injustice God is angry! God in his mercy says that his people have suffered enough. God will reward those who suffer because of injustice. He will settle all accounts.

President Glenda Fields after starting Sisters In Christ ministry with her sister Diane Kennon, was later joined by her husband Rufus Fields, also La’Donna Davis and her husband Melvin Davis Jr to start Soldiers In Christ ministry thus forming Sisters In Christ S.I.C. Soldiers In Christ, Inc., which now covers not only hurting women but hurting men also. Through this united front they wanted to show others by example that nothing is too hard or too difficult for God and that no situation is without hope when our hope, trust, and expectations are rooted in God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son, with the help of the Holy Spirit. They have selected a small team with extensive ministry knowledge, and expertise, all of who will be invaluable to the new venture. Their goal is to help as many hurting people as possible one person at a time. Sisters In Christ S.I.C. Soldiers In Christ, Inc., demonstrates to the world that giving our lives to God is not restrictive and binding but instead opens our hearts, souls, and spirits to the fullness of all of the promises of God as they are found in the Word of God!

We hope that you will enjoy our services and programs which exemplify the faithfulness, power, and love of God in our lives, and that they are a blessing to you in your walk towards fulfilling the perfect will of God for your lives. 

Company History

Sisters In Christ Ministry was founded in 1999 by Diane Kennon and Glenda Fields and has served in the Fort Wortharea as an outreach ministry to women and young ladies. Glenda Fields added Soldiers In Christ with her husband Rufus in 2005 which also in 2006 was joined by his biological sister La’Donna Davis and her husband Melvin Davis Jr to ministry to the needs of men and young men in the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area and surrounding areas, and incorporated the ministry in 2006 as Sisters In Christ S.I.C. Soldiers In Christ, Inc.